Movement for Christ  is Christian Organization. 

In 1992, Movement for Christ started in RWANDA with resources and personnel from different Churches involved in both evangelism and benevolence,

without regard to denominational affiliation.

Later it spreads to surrounding countries. Now, this Organization is also establishing its presence in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Movement for  Christ is dedicated to rebuilding the spiritual, physical, material, financial, social and emotional needs of people around us.

Through donations, we assist and help our Congregations, poor people, the refugees, and homeless.

Financial and material support, gift cards, physical assistance, or any kind of donations will help us to reach our goals.

We have monthly Sevices, and 2 big Crusades per year.

We broadcast everyday 24 H/24 through our Radio KWIZERA.

We plan to ad more activities according to the opportunities we gonna have.

Your prayer support is needed to hold up our hands to God, to undertake in all needs.  


Founder, Rev. Pastor Silas KANYABIGEGA.



It’s in the vision of the extension of the Evangelization that the  Organization “ MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST “ wished that the Ministry starts also in the USA,

as like that  is made in the other countries, for propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world and to support a Christian common action of the Churches

and the Christian Ministries.

According to kind of donations we can have, we plan to assist people, and our congregations in need. Our support may be financial, material, gift cards, etc..

·       Many people from different countries in Africa are living in Dayton, Huber Heights, Columbus, Cincinnati, and other States in the USA

There are in these 3 cities many of the people coming from the various countries of Africa, in particular of Rwanda, of Burundi, of Congo, of Sudan,

of Tanzania, f Kenya, of Liberia, of Somalia, etc…

The majority of these people is Christians, and is various interesting and worthy cultures to be exploited, in particular cultures supporting Christianity,

in general, and the Evangelization in particular·       

Need to establish a presence in Dayton in order to collaborate with African, Canadian, and European Churches and Ministries

We would like to see Dayton being the Mother of the Evangelization, and especially of the United Action of the Evangelization in the world.

We will have the Evangelists of international repute coming from the various Churches and Ministries in the world. We will have the blessing to

be in presence of the big Choirs from different countries in the world.

Dayton will be the Center of the Evangelization, but the Evangelists and the choirs invited will be able to evangelize also the other Cities and States in the USA.

·       Need for Americans to have a fresh set of eyes for an “ awakening “ starting in the “ Gem “ city

We want to take part to the promotion of the spiritual revival in the USA. With the great crusades which we will organize here and there in the USA,

starting from Dayton, the American people will be touched and nourished by the Gospel

·       Not intending to duplicate Ministries already existing in Dayton

We will not reproduce the activities of the Churches and Ministries already existing here. We will not be their photocopies. We will work in 

complementarity, therefore not the same thing. Together we will have a better result.

·       Facilitating evangelistic opportunities of African, Canadian, and European  Missions coming here to the Dayton area

Because we don’t see one Christian Common Action, Many Missions, especially the African missions cannot use of their talents in the Evangelization.

Time is now for them to reach their talents effectively. The occasion comes for the greatest promotion in Evangelism in the USA and in the world.

·       Providing a conduit of support to the African churches in the MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST

The African Churches members of INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST  will be the first recipients of this opportunity and will be remarkably

supported in the growth of their respective Churches, in particular in sending of Missionaries to them when it will be needed and necessary.

·       Providing a collaboration resulting in increased Evangelism and benevolence on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

Our strategy of Christian Common Action will facilitate an evangelical collaboration on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and we will have together an

increased evangelism like our Lord Jesus Christ asked to us, and this mission will have been accomplished. (Matthew 28:19-20). This Christian

Common Action will support the growth of the benevolence in favor of the both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

God bless you.




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We believe in one True and Living God; whose very essence is Love.

United in the one essence of God there are three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Each of these Persons possesses the entire divine essence undivided and therefore the perfections which belong to God belong to each of the three persons.

God is Self-Sufficient; Immutable, Eternal, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Holy, Almighty and Incomprehensible.

In all His ways He is Sovereign, Gracious, Righteous, Just, Longsuffering, Merciful and is approachable only through Christ.

God is Love and therefore all His counsels and actions proceed from this, His essential nature.


We believe that JESUS-CHRIST is God.

JESUS of Nazareth was God, who has a human body, was truly God and truly man. He came as incarnate Man when He was miraculously conceived by the Virgin Mary in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

JESUS came into the world to save us. He suffered, was crucified, died, and was buried for us.

We believe that JESUS CHRIST overcame death when he resurrected from the dead. He is resurrected with a body of incomparable beauty.

He ascended into heaven, and sits at the right-hand side of the Father, as a King, interceding for us.

He is the Only Mediator between God and mankind. He will return and judge all men.

JESUS CHRIST lived without sin. He agreed to be our propitiation for our sin. When He died on the cross, He took on the punishment which was for us, for salvation to whoever believes in Him.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is one of the three persons of the Trinity.

We believe that the Holy Spirit came in the world to reveal Christ, to glorify Christ, and to provide guarantee for those who believe.

He convinces the world of sin, brings them to Christ, and gives them a new life.

He lives in them after their new birth, and He is received as a guarantee for any believer until the day of the redemption.

Every believer in Christ is filled by the Holy Spirit in his life, receives the Power of the Holy Spirit, and is directed by Him through faith.

Any believer is called to live in the power of the Holy Spirit which lives in him, so he does not live according to the covetousness of the flesh, but bears fruit which glorify God.

The Holy Spirit is the divine agent which convinces man of sin, of the need for being purified, and of the importance of sanctification. The repentance and the forgiveness of sin are essential to avoid the punishment of sin. This does not negate the fundamental truth of salvation by faith and faith alone.


We believe that the Bible contains 66 books, among whom 39 of the Old Testament, and 27 of New Testament.

They are given without fault and error. They were written by the saints of God, directed by the Holy Spirit. They contain all that is necessary for the sanctification of men. They direct us in the Faith and our Christian walk, and they reveal what concerns Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Holy Scriptures show the will of God for salvation of man. His intention is that men consult additional writings only if they can be verified by the scriptures.

The Bible is the rule, fully sufficient sound doctrine and infallible on which is founded our knowledge of the principles of faith and obedience.


Man was originally created in the image of God, without sin. Because of disobedience, he sinned against God, and that was the cause of separation from God. The fall of Adam meant that all men are guilty and are condemned.

The nature of man is corrupt. For this reason, God sees men as dead spiritually. Every man be born again, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.


The salvation of man is a complete gift that God gives freely – the man can not add anything to God’s grace. Those to which God gives salvation are called saints. It is those who put their trust in Jesus Christ, believe in Him as their Lord and personal Savior, and are called saints.


God recommends that His people regularly meet to adore Him, praise Him, and to be strengthened and exhorted by the use of the Holy Scriptures.

Jesus Christ is the head of the Church which is His body –composed of all those living by faith when he returns and those who have died in Christ before he returns.

END of Time

When a believer dies, he enters directly into eternal communion with Jesus Christ, waiting, consciously, to be clothed with a new beautiful body at the day of resurrection.

When an unbeliever dies, he enters the place of eternal separation from God, waiting, consciously, the resurrection of his body, the judgment, and the eternal punishment.

We believe that Jesus Christ will return for the thousand years reign. This reign will be preceded by the first resurrection and the removal of the Church. The remuneration will be given to the Saints at the time of this meeting with Jesus Christ in the air.

After the Thousand years reign, the Saints will live eternally with God in Heaven

Founder, Rev. Silas Kanyabigega

Visit of our Missionary Maryann Droll